Different Types of Paper Shredders From Cross Cut to Micro Cut

Different Types of Paper Shredders From Cross Cut to Micro CutThe paper shredder used to only be used by government agencies. However since the 1980s the papershredder has become a regular feature at nearly all business offices, as well as many home offices. There are many different types of shredder machines, and this choice may be confusing to some potential buyers, especially when trying to work out which is the best paper shredder overall. However there is no single top paper shredder that suits all businesses and every office, but rather you will find a wide array of shredders on sale, and the best office shredder, or best home shredder for you will depend on a few factors. We shall discuss the main different types of shredder in this article and hopefully make it easier for you to decide which is the best shredder for your needs.

We must begin by clarifying that the types of paper shredders we aim to talk about here are regular shredding paper machines that you can buy for personal document shredding or business document shredding at home and in the office, and not commercial paper shredders, industrial paper shredders, or other commercial shredding equipment that commercial shredding companies and professional paper shredders use.

The most important variable amongst paper shredders is the actual type of paper shred. There are a few different paper shred or paper cut types but they may generally be classified into three main cut types. The first is the strip cut shredder, which is the most basic and cheapest paper shredder type, and will cut a regular sheet of paper into about 34 long strips. Strip cut shredders are the fastest type of shredder (because they are making the least cuts) and are the most popular when it comes to residential paper shredding, but are unfortunately also the least secure type of shredder. Paper from these types of shredders can be re-put together without too much difficulty, and so they are not the best paper shredder for those requiring greater security. They are often recommended in reviews on paper shredders as the best shredder for home use because they are cheap and because most home users are not usually destroying documents of any significant value, but are rather simply preventing the opportunist criminal from carrying out an easy identity theft. There are numerous companies that manufacture these types of shredders, and some of the more popular brands are the Black and Decker paper shredders, the unbranded Office Depot paper shredders, SSI shredders, Ativa shredders and the Aurora Paper shredders.

The second type of paper shredder is the cross cut shredder. Cross shredders cut the paper horizontally as well as vertically, often resulting in small diamond shape shreds of paper. These smaller bits are far more difficult to put together and so the cross shredder gives greater security to your paper shredding operation than a strip cut shredder. Cross cut shredders are however slower than strip cut ones because of the extra cuts they have to do. Aside from being more secure than strip cut shredders, cross cut shredders also require less space for the paper shreds because they are smaller and more compact. These types of shredders are more popular with businesses than home users, and are often recommended by reviewers as the best business paper shredder. Some of the more popular brands are the Init paper shredder, Swingline shredder, Crofton paper shredder, Black & Decker paper shredder, Fellows paper shredder, and Init paper shredder. Paper shredder reviews online or in relevant magazines can help you decide which brand and model might be the right document shredder for you.

The third and final type of shredder is the micro shredder. Micro cut paper shredders are similar to cross cut shredders, but cut a regular sheet of paper into even more shreds. In fact some micro cut shredders cut a regular sheet of paper into 12,000 small bits, making it virtually impossible to put together. This is the type of shredder that is used by government agencies nowadays, and a few businesses also use them. Fellow paper shredders are the most popular brand when it comes to micro cut shredders, while the Swingline micro shredder is another option. However it is also useful to check reviews and specifications of different shredders as, for example, Fellowes shredder parts might be more expensive than Swingline parts. Speed is another thing to check as is the amounts of sheets of paper that a shredder can accept in one go without creating a paper shredder jam.

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